NAEA Members On Television, Video, and Radio


December 11 - The North Carolina Society of Enrolled Agents participated in a televised “Tax Pros on Call” program in Raleigh, NC. Throughout the evening, the local NBC affiliate cut away from their news report to show nearly two dozen NCSEA members (including former NAEA President Richard Reedman, EA) staffing a phone bank and taking calls from viewers with tax questions. 


April 18 - Here Bryan Lake, EA, speaks with NewsChannel 8 (WJLA-TV) on "Let’s Talk Live" about filing your taxes and shares some tips on how to avoid common mistakes people make when filing their taxes.


April 14 - Bryan Lake, EA, was interviewed by Dimitri Sotis on WTOP-FM on recommended options for filers that wake up on Tuesday and and haven’t filed their returns, what they should they know, what to keep in mind, and options for filing an extension. 


April 5 - Phyllis Jo Kubey, EA, spoke on Fox News Edge about tax fraud, state ID requirements, and the new W-2 verification code.



April 3 - Bryan Lake, EA, was interviewed on NBC News and spoke about taxes and late filing.


March 21 - Four months after the last one, North Carolina Society of Enrolled Agents (NCSEA) sponsored its twelfth "Tax Pros on Call" program. NAEA President Richard Reedman, EA, USTCP, and 19 other North Carolina enrolled agents took time out of their busy schedules to take calls continuously over 3 hours (totalling approximately 900 calls!). It was announced on the local NBC affiliate TV station (WRAL) in Raleigh, NC. Following are the names of the members who participated: Mary Ann Adams, EA; Joan Baron, EA; Nancy Colvin, EA; William Duncan, EA; Lisa Eyrolles, EA; William Gaskins, EA; Larry Giles, EA; Patrick Haggerty, EA; Glenn Thomas Hyatt, EA; Sherrie King, EA; Karen Kistner, EA; Eve Lancing, EA; Lisa Miller, EA; Mele Perrego, EA; Richard Reedman, EA, USTCP; Keith Robertson, EA; Susie Romanowski, EA; Paul Shackleton, EA; Augustus Thompson, EA; Nancy Uphoff, EA.



January 24 - DeAnn Gould-Lancaster, EA, was interviewed on Kansas City Live television speaking about what to know before filing your taxes. 


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